Energy for Growth


As the world’s energy demands grow, so does the need for additional energy resources. With a highly qualified multi-national team ASCOM began investment activities in the oil and gas industry in 1995.

ASCOM’s investment activities in the oil and gas industry began in 1995 in Turkmenistan, where two large contracts were signed for workover of inactive and abandoned oil wells and repair of oilfield equipment.

The Company has gradually expanded the scope of its activities and currently specialises in the following areas:

  • exploration, development and exploitation of oil and gas fields;
  • trading of oil, gas, petroleum products and liquid gas;
  • provision of services related to oil and gas production.

For their turn, services include:

  • oil and gas well drilling (including drilling in adverse geological b conditions);
  • oil and gas well workover and maintenance;
  • cementing of casing and assembling of cement plugs, repair of leaking casing;
  • civil works, construction of facilities for oil and gas production, pipelines, oil tanks, terminals, compressor stations, etc.

The Company is characterised by the high level of its integration of main and auxiliary production. It maintains all the functional sub-divisions, technical facilities and infrastructure required to perform autonomously the majority of its activities, other works being entrusted to specialised contractors (subcontractors).

Worldwide, ASCOM strives to safeguard the environment, protect the safety and health of employees, contractors and neighboring communities, and uphold high standards of social responsibility. In the implementation of its projects, ASCOM uses both its own financial resources and external credits.