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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

ASCOM's environmental policy relies on the premise that the Nature and its riches represent the foundation of life and human activity, the sustainable social and economic growth, the increase in well-being of the population, and hence of those who work for the companies affiliated to IFG ASCOM.

This policy is directed towards protection of environmental in areas of ASCOM's operation in order to avoid any possible damages to the natural system. ASCOM's Environmental Policy comes in line with both internal and international rules and regulations and all necessary measures are taken to preserve the biological diversity and ensure rational use of natural resources.

Our EMS identifies how we shall manage our environmental responsibilities, and defines specific procedures and instructions to be followed when performing certain tasks. External auditors conduct periodic audits of the EMS every year to ensure that the company is operating the EMS every year to ensure that the company is operating the EMS in the manner it has committed to.

ASCOM GROUP promotes a policy channeled towards damping the negative environmental impacts of its activity, without inflicting damage to the quality of its services, insomuch it is requested by the customer.

For this purpose ASCOM GROUP assumes to:

  • Act in accordance with actual environmental legislation and other applicable requirements relative to its environmental aspects.
  • Constantly improve its environmental performances and avoid pollution that might be caused by its activities.
  • Pay heed to the personnel's training and acknowledgement of environmental protection issues.
  • Embody environmental management requirements into an unitary management system.

Periodically, the top management of ASCOM GROUP reviews its Environmental Policy for adequacy.

This policy is communicated to and understood by the entire personnel and is publicly available.

For any project to be implemented an environment impact study is being worked out, putting major emphasis on aspects such as identification of polluting sources and measures to be taken in order to minimize the harmful environment impact.

All environmental impact studies for building projects are subject to consultation with local governmental and non-governmental bodies and organizations and any observations that may result from such consultation are attached to the study and complied with.

To ensure that the respective constructions have a minimum possible impact on the environment, in case of large-scale projects, persons in charge with labour and environmental protection are being appointed to monitor observance of internal and international rules and regulations on environment protection and preservation, as well as to sanction any eventual deviation.

The corporate officials assigned to take charge over environmental issues are responsible for monitoring the environmental changes as a result of companies industrial activities, the consequences of undertaken measures for environmental protection, regeneration and rational use of natural resources, as well as the adherence to local environmental legislation, ecological standards and requirements.