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Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Mar 21, 2010

We are investing to prevent incidents such as spills, fires and accidents that put our people, the environment and our facilities at risk.

We are carrying out our business in the manner intended not to harm the people. In pursuit of the health aspects of this police, we systematically manage the related medical and occupational risks and issues and in doing so we shall.

  • Ensure safety and health at all workplace by minimizing or eliminating risks for the entire personnel.
  • Support our own employees, by means of their training, aiming at their professional advancement and awareness of individual obligations in
    Occupational Health and Safety field.
  • Continuously improve our OH&S performances.
  • Observe actual legal provisions and other requirements applicable to our scope of activity and Occupational Health and Safety field.
  • Prevent injures and professional illness.
  • Embody Occupational Health and Safety management requirements into an unitary management system.

Periodically, the top management of ASCOM GROUP reviews its Occupational Health and Safety Policy for adequacy.

This policy is communicated to and understood by the entire personnel and is available to the interested parties.